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Started in 1980 by Dan Newberry, Daniel's has grown to a full service promotional products company. 
Daniel’s works with small local businesses, large national corporations, schools, teams and everyone in between! No matter how big or small your project, Daniel's is your place to find the products you need at the prices to fit your budget.

Danny Newberry
Founder and Owner -Ext 105

Shiela Murphy
-Ext 110

Chris Reeves
Order Department -Ext 112

Ginger Newberry
Account Executive -Ext 101

 Jennifer Holden
Account Executive -Ext 120 

Jocelyn Lambert
University Plaza Location

John Dod
Account Executive -Ext 111

Kevin Long 
Account Executive -Ext 117

Kim Hensley
Accounting Dept. -Ext 102

Lauren Lambert
Account Executive -Ext 119

Linda Hottinger
Accounting Dept. -Ext 115

Michele Dansey
Client Services & Sales
-Ext 108

Rachel Bishop
Client Services -Ext 107

Addison Newberry
Christy Falwell

Jamie Lecomte

Jennifer Spruhan

John Spruhan

Nina Ralston

Quincy Kiser